Best Results To Date - 2014

MKUTA Taekwondo Academy took the largest squad in its history to take part in the National Poomsae and Freestyle Championships 2014. After a fantastic two days of competition, the squad came home with a total of 22 medals.

Individual Categories

Gold: Matias Yung
Daniel Foran
Dhruv Mistry 
Sofia Bajerova
Sunkyu Han
Bill Yung
Leah Croucher

Silver: Zaw Torley
Yash Biradar
JJ Foord
C Cesar
Steve Ferns

Bronze: Yi Toong Yee
Ryan Minihan
Chloe Smith
Apurva Biradar
John Croucher
Zoe Brown

Pairs Categories
Gold: Yi Toong Yee / Zaw Torley

Bronze: Becca Foran / Matias Yung

Team Categories
Gold: C Cesar (with Chan Sau & Winston Casaclang)

Gold: Zoe Brown

Other Competitors
Individual: Becca Foran - Final
Sarah Hunt - Final
Hayley Foran - Final
Ethan Mackin - Final
Jadd Askar - Final
John Waite - Final
Gillian Waite - Final
Charlotte Brown - Semi-Final
Pairs: Hayley Foran / Daniel Foran - Final

Alison Ellerton, not competing due to injury, represented the club as a judge, as did Gillian and John Waite. Claire Waite also took part as an official on the second day.

The team was coached/coordinated by Cesar, Arantxa Arriaga, John Croucher, Claire Waite, and Charlotte Brown. However, without the support of the parents, the event would not have been such a success for MKUTA.

Head coach, Cesar, commented after the event, "This is proof that with hard work and dedication everything is possible" and "I am so proud and happy for every one of them".

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